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At OpenPanGenomics, our mission revolves around designing algorithms and developing open-source tools to democratize PanGenomics on a large scale. Our dedication lies in ensuring that PanGenomics is accessible to everyone, irrespective of background or expertise. We strive to enhance downstream analysis for pangenome-based research, prioritizing advancing analytical capabilities for all users.

We Commit to Improve the Following Tasks Using PanGenomes

Genome Assembly

Read Alignment


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We are reaching out to Angel Investors to invite investment in OpenPanGenomics (OpenPG), a project poised to revolutionize genomics research. OpenPG aims to democratize access to pangenomic tools and analysis pipelines. With your support, we can accelerate the development of this platform, driving advancements in personalized medicine, agricultural genomics, and beyond. Join us in shaping the future of genomics through OpenPanGenomics.

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